Fondation Pierre Fabre - ODESS call for e-health projects

15 November, 2023

Fondation Pierre Fabre - ODESS call for e-health projects

Dear All,

I am writing to inform you that the Global South e-health Observatory <> is launching its 2024 call for projects < to support innovative e-health projects in Africa and Asia. We would be very happy if you could relay the news to your network.

The projects shortlisted by the Foundation's panel of experts will receive < financial and technical support for a year. <

Here are the eligibility criteria for the call for projects: <

* Aims to improve access to quality healthcare and medicines for people in Africa and/or Asia <

* Uses information and communication technologies <

* Be implemented in the field (at least at the pilot stage) <

Projects must be submitted by 15 December 2023.<

If you agree to share our call for projects, you can : <

* share Fondation Pierre Fabre's LinkedIn publication:< <<

* publish within your own network, using the information provided in the attachment.<

Useful information :<

* Website of the Global South e-health Observatory (ODESS):< <<

* Discover ODESS on video:< <<

Best Regards,



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HIFA profile: Lea Matel is a project manager at the Pierre Fabre Foundation in France. Professional interests: e-Health, Public health programs/ initiatives. lea.matel AT