Frontline Health Worker Training

21 June, 2023

Hi HIFA group

I'd like to introduce myself and ask the community a couple of questions. I'm Dr. Jennifer Sarrett and am working with CARE's Health Equity & Rights team on developing a digital frontline health worker (FLHWs) professional development app — this will target those health workers who are in the community, going to homes as well as some that work in clinic but do not have official health training. I'm happy to give more details on what it will look like for those interested; it is being designed with audience and context in mind (i.e. basics of health information, useable on low/no bandwidth areas, languages, etc) and will provide a certification for those who complete the foundational course.

I have two questions as of now:

1. For those currently working as a frontline or community health worker: What topic(s) do you see as instrumental in training new and existing FLHWs?

2. For all: Does anyone have any insights into certification? We are exploring several options but I am interested in learning from those who have gone through the process of getting their material ready for certification and the institutions you used to do so.

Thank you for your time and help! I look forward to learning more from this community.

Jen Sarrett

Jennifer C. Sarrett, PhD

Consultant, CARE, Health Equity & Rights


HIFA profile: Jennifer Sarrett is a Health Equity Consultant with CARE, USA. Professional interests: Professional development, community health workers Email address: jennifer.sarrett AT