Furthering group B strep research and disease prevention

7 April, 2024

Dear CHIFA colleagues,

I would like to invite those of you interested in group B strep (GBS) as a researcher, healthcare professional, or professional health advocate to become a member of GBS Research Connect at https://www.gbsresearchconnect.org <https://www.gbsresearchconnect.org/> <https://www.gbsresearchconnect.org/> <https://www.gbsresearchconnect.org/%3E> to collaborate with other members to better understand GBS and how it can affect mothers and babies as well as the health of populations at all stages of life. Membership is free and includes access to special events, forums, blogs, job board, mentor and mentee opportunities, and more!

Our next member-exclusive webinar “Collaborating to Close GBS Data Gaps | Part II: The Vaginal Microbiome” will be Tuesday, April 23 at 5PM PDT (Wednesday, April 24 at 10AM AEST). Register at https://members.gbsresearchconnect.org/Events to learn how our speakers are closing GBS data gaps in their communities and worldwide:

Dr Alison Carey, Queensland University of Technology, will be presenting on GBS and the vaginal microbiome throughout pregnancy

Marlyd E. Mejia, Predoctoral Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine, will be presenting on GBS interactions with the host microbiome

Bring your ideas and add to the discussion!

Looking forward to you joining us!

Marti Perhach

CHIFA profile: Marti Perhach is the CEO and Founder of Group B Strep International (GBSI) in the USA. marti.perhach AT gbs-intl.org

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