Geneva Health Forum and AXA Launch €50,000 Grand Jet d’Or de Genève Award to Address Pollution's Impact on Human Health (2)

18 March, 2024

Dear Eric,

Thank you for posting this news which I will post (and Twi/X) this evening (UK).

Just a thought and related to the recent discussion on alcohol abuse, is the need to also consider 'pollution' in cognitive terms.

This brings in the idea of 'mental pollution', especially in advertising.

I took a photo yesterday of UK supermarket Sainsbury's marketing in-store of Nestle's KitKat cereal:

There is another debate - a point made I think re. alcohol - of the 'Nanny State' argument, and how people - the 'citizens' should be able to decide for themselves.

The other extreme (for some?) is the activism of groups such as AdBusters:

All of which highlights the need for a 'global' approach and perspective and within general understanding of pollution the level of 'health literacy'?


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Peter Jones

Community Mental Health Nurse and Researcher

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