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Global Health Scholarships

21 December, 2021

Dear HIFA Colleagues,

Please distribute this full ride scholarship for a month-long Global Health Elective for final year medical students, advance practice provider (APP/NP/PA), early career clinical officers, senior allied health student (clinical level including pharmacy, physical/occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing). Child Family Health International's Virtual Global Health elective <https://www.cfhi.org/virtual-global-health-elective> (

https://www.cfhi.org/virtual-global-health-elective) to students attending institutions located in low or middle-income countries.

Competencies developed by the elective include:

-cross-cultural effectiveness and adaptability

-biomedical and global health ethics

-Health Systems approaches and comparatives

-low resource clinical reasoning

-planetary health

-principles of global health & global burden of disease

-inter-disciplinary practice

Additionally, students in other settings who are experiencing financial hardships, are also eligible to apply for the CFHI Virtual Global Health Elective Scholarship.

Trainees and young professionals can apply here:


*Scholarship Application Deadline Virtual Elective Dates*

January 15, 2022 March 7 -- April 1, 2022

CFHI also offers other scholarships that I also encourage your students to consider by visiting https://www.cfhi.org/scholarships

Finally, we are very proud of the great care and research CFHI has undertaken to safely re-launch in-person electives. We anticipate opening Oaxaca, México, Quito, Ecuador, and Accra, Ghana in January and February 2022.

Using a complex set of metrics, these are currently the only sites under consideration for the first two months of 2022 as they have sufficiently favorable COVID-19 and other health and safety conditions. Please visit our website <http://www.cfhi.org/> regularly to find the most updated information regarding on-site re-opening.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jenny Samaan at jsamaan@cfhi.org. Students can write to: students@cfhi.org.

Best Regards,



Jessica Evert MD

Global Medical Director, Child Family Health International


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HIFA profile: Jessica Evert is Global Medical Director, Child Family Health International, USA.