Global launch of the Lancet Commission on the value of death: bringing death back into life

21 January, 2022

Global launch of the Lancet Commission on the Value of Death: bringing death back into life

Date: Tues, Feb 1, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm GMT / 8:00 am ET

Duration: 2h


'The story of dying in the 21st century is a story of paradox. Many people are overtreated in hospitals with families and communities relegated to the margins, at considerable cost. Covid-19 has meant people have died the ultimate medicalised deaths, often alone but for masked staff in hospitals and intensive care units, unable to communicate fully with family. But in other settings, including in some lower income countries, many people remain undertreated, dying of preventable conditions and without access to basic pain relief. The unbalanced and contradictory picture of death and dying is the basis for the Lancet Commission on the Value of Death. It argues that a rebalancing is needed of the relationships and partnerships between people who are dying, families, communities, health and social care systems, and wider civic society...'

'Join us for a discussion and debate on the value of death and how to bring death back to life. We will hear from the Commissioner co-chairs, Richard Smith and Libby Sallnow, along with Commissioners and external experts...'


Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,