Global primary care respiratory update

15 June, 2022

Dear HIFA colleagues

Some highlights from our latest newsletter:

SMALL RESEARCH GRANTS - primary respiratory care

New award programme to support IPCRG research priorities

IPCRG is delighted to announce the IPCRG Research Prioritisation Awards, which will support the response to our recent research prioritisation exercise. Our research priorities can be taken forward by everyone involved in primary care and respiratory research, but the top 10 priorities now receive special focus through these awards.

10 awards of up to £5,000 are being provided over 2 rounds, with submission deadlines of the 31st October 2022, for Round 1 and 30th April 2023 for round 2.

These awards also intend to help Early Career Researchers in carrying out high quality work to develop their expertise. We invite proposals from any country, but they should be from a recognised research organisation (e.g University or Research Institute) and a supervisor must be committed to supporting the research and researchers named in the proposal.

We are excited about this unique opportunity and the results it should offer to respiratory primary care, and the interest we expect it to stimulate in respiratory primary care research. We very much look forward to receiving applications and encourage our supporters to spread the word of the award programme.

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Breathe Well, Move More, Live Better

Last month, IPCRG released a new online magazine for people with COPD to support them to self manage their breathing and physical activity.

In this video, steering group members Clare Cook and Matthieu Brémond reflect on feedback Click here to view the video.

Throughout April and May we have presented a series of livestreams on practical strategies for improving earlier diagnosis and patient-centred management in primary care.

Recordings Available

* Earlier Identification, Diagnosis, & Assessment of COPD (English) (

* Earlier Identification, Diagnosis, & Assessment of COPD (Spanish) (

* Nonpharmacologic Management of COPD (English) (

* Pharmacologic Treatment of COPD (English) (

* Addressing Inequities in COPD Care (English) (

Asthma Right Care

We are delighted to report two Teach the Teacher Asthma Right Care national level teachers (Tier 2) programmes have been run - in person in Panamá, for teachers from Panamá, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Guatemala and Honduras, and online in Brazil.

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iQ&A update - New answers & translations

The iQ&A ( service is tracking the changing nature of the COVID pandemic and continues to release answers that reflect the evolving questions front line practitioners are raising. A large library of over 40 answers has now been produced, and new answers are being developed on variation in symptoms and re-infection. This library is being constantly updated to reflect the changing priorities and to provide information for use in practice.

Our most recent published answers are:

* What does the evidence suggest will happen with COVID-19 as we move out of the pandemic?


* What is known about immunity beyond 6 months following COVID-19 vaccination (2 doses) and first booster dose, and does the evidence suggest that any specific groups would benefit from an additional booster dose? (

Go to to find out more about IPCRG, a charity working locally in primary care and collaborating globally to improve respiratory health so we can achieve our vision of a global population breathing and feeling well through universal access to right care.

With our best wishes, Ee Ming Khoo President IPCRG Siân Williams CEO IPCRG


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