Health care for people affected by the conflict in anglophone Cameroon

1 September, 2022

Greetings to all members. BARUDEV is a local NGO offering humanitarian services to people affected by the conflict in anglophone Cameroon. We need a humanitarian organisation that can send us Gynaecologists who will work to improve the health of women affected by the conflict in anglophone cameroon. Mortality and morbidity rate reduction in pregnant women is our priority. If you know any organisation let us know. [*see 2nd message below]


Chia Benard Ful.

HIFA profile: Chiabi Benard Ful is Director of Boyo Association for Rural Development (BARUDEV--Cameroon). This is a local NGO found in Boyo district of North Western Cameroon. Our activities are to empower women, protect the sexual and reproductive health for women and girls, and protect the rights of children. We have been training community health workers to follow up patients, pregnant women, sick children and refer them to the hospital. barudev AT

[Note from HIFA moderator, NPW. I asked Benard for further details, which he has kindly provided below]

Dear Neil,

Thanks for the reply. The health situation in the rural communities is very poor due to lack of health personnels. This is due to the conflict in the two English speaking regions of the country. The few available one lack basic knowledge and skills. They need to improve on their skills and knowledge for better patient care.

The community where we serve is about six hundred and fifty thousand people. We need obstetricians and gynaecologists to work in some of our district hospitals and also paediatricians to improve on child care.

The care we provide is primary and we believe doctors and other specialists can be an additional advantage. MSF has been of assistance since the outbreak of the conflict but their services in December 2021 because government accused them to offering treatment to the non state armed groups.

Government services are very poor and in some cases care is limited. They also lack equipment and personnel.

There exist two mission hospitals but experts are lacking.BARUDEV is a local NGO is that improves the health care through training of community health workers, health personnels.CHWs offer minimal services and treatment, while also referring clients to the nearest health unit for complete treatment.

Midwives are lacking in the rural health units. In most of these units, deliveries are conducted by nurses, lab technicians or TBAs.

Having a humanitarian organisation is our priority.Humanitarian organisations will be based in our district hospitals, offering their services and trainings for knowledge and skills exchange.


Chia Benard Ful.