The HIFA Global Consultation launches TODAY 21st August ! (3)

21 August, 2023

Dear Neil

My heartiest congratulations! I have watched the progress of HIFA from its very inception as an email group, and seen it grow progressively to become a global force! Your initiative, your pioneering efforts, sheer hard work and persistence have paid off. I hope to handover the Sri Lankan representation to the Sri Lanka Medical Association. It is the apex body of medical associations. [*see note from moderator below]

Kind regards Saroj

Saroj Jayasinghe MBBS (Col), MD (Col), MRCP (UK), MD (Bristol), PhD (Col), FRCP (Lond), FCCP, FNASSL Emeritus Professor of Medicine, Founder Head, Department of Medical Humanities, University of Colombo, Consultant Physician +94718619331

HIFA profile: Saroj Jayasinghe is the Professor of Medicine of the University of Colombo and a consultant physician in the National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. Professor Saroj Jayasinghe qualified from Faculty of Medicine with MBBS honours from the University of Colombo. He works as a specialist at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Recently he was appointed as the head of the Department of Medical Humanities of the University of Colombo, the first such department in the region. He is HIFA countriy representative for Sri Lanka. sarojoffice AT

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you for your kind words Saroj. The Sri Lanka Medical Association, together with national medical associations worldwide, will be receiving a communication this week from the World Medical Association, uring members to complete the survey. Please help spread the word in every country: ]