HIFA seeks volunteers with social media experience

25 February, 2022

Hello everyone,

My name is Ben Nicholls. Recently, I became Coordinator of the Social Media Working Group. HIFA’s social media platforms exist to promote HIFA’s vision to a wide global audience.

Over the coming months, we plan to strengthen our presence across all of HIFA’s social media platforms. You can view more information about us by going to: https://hifa.org/people/social-media

If you would like to support us, there are a few things you can do:

1) Join HIFA’s Social Media Working Group.

Right now, we are specifically looking for somebody with experience running a LinkedIn account for a healthcare (or related) organisation.

That said, we are always looking for anybody who thinks they could contribute. Email me at benedictnicholls{at}gmail{dot}com - it would be great to have you!

2) Follow us, share our content, add comments, or simply leave us a like. We are active on:











3) Encourage your friends and colleagues to join HIFA!

Best wishes,

Ben Nicholls

HIFA Social Media Working Group Coordinator

HIFA profile: Ben Nicholls is a HIFA volunteer, based in Charlbury, UK. He is currently the HIFA social media coordinator and is also the lead person for HIFA's Instagram account. benedictnicholls AT gmail.com