HIFA & United Nations World Data Forum, Hangzhou, China, 24-27 April 2023

21 March, 2023


I am writing to the entire group members to advertise our upcoming UN world data forum workshop on HIFA [*see note below]. we urge you to re-advertise every week till the due date. see below:

United Nations World Data Forum


It will be possible for HIFA members to register – in April - to join parts of the following conference in April. Two members of HIFA will be attending and presenting at the conference in person, two more will be presenting virtually - with two colleagues of Richard Fitton’s from St Petersburg, Russia and one patient from Glossop, England presenting. The conference – the United Nations World Data Forum, is being held from April 24th to April 26th 2023 at the International Conference Centre in Hangzhou, China. It will feature more than 100 events, 30 learning laboratories, exhibits and more.

The program can be found here: United Nations World Data Forum


The UN World Data Forum in 2023 will promote four main Thematic Areas (TAs) intended to provide a basic organizational structure for the programme. The individual TAs are not meant to be mutually exclusive as they contain cross-cutting themes, such as “innovation”, “leave no one behind”, and “partnership”, needed to drive inclusive and trustworthy data systems. The TAs individually contain the important issues and pressing actions expressed by the global data and statistical community to serve as a rallying call for programme proposals with practical solutions and hands-on experiences on these issues.

TA 1 Data integration and leveraging of various data sources and methodologies to ensure visibility and voice for everyone

TA 2 Adding value to data through better analysis and communication to ensure full use of data for bettering lives through the agency, respect, and inclusion of everyone

TA 3 Developing the principles of stewardship within the data ecosystem to balance the full value from data use with the protection of privacy and data rights

TA 4 Supporting global, regional, national and sub-national data ecosystems in the implementation of the Cape Town Global Action Plan including sustainable finance for data and statistics programmes at all levels of organization

Ephraim Senkyire will convene the HIFA member hour long session which will be at 13.30 Hangzhou time. The one-hour workshop will consist of presentations and of a ten minute question and answer session. A precis of the workshop will go to the plenary committee of the conference and may be included in the end of day summary for all delegates.

Here are the titles of the presentations.

1. Evaluation of rehabilitation systems in Russian regions: indicators and trends

2. Data flows and record access in early intervention for children and their families

3. No longer a passenger - using my clinical data from my health service provider

4. Science-policy-data interface for responding to COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa

5. Patient Data Sharing: the Stakeholder's perspective

6. Working with patients and clinicians to build trust and better use of data

7. Use of digital health technologies in primary health care (PHC) in the Sub-Saharan Africa Region

8. Global personal health data processing standard for governments, public and private corporations, health service providers, tech companies proxy citizens and citizens

HIFA profile: Ephraim Senkyire is a nursing officer with the Ghana health service and has a professional interest in women, maternal, child, neonatal health, allied health research, health professionals education, and nursing practice. Email address: senkyire88 AT gmail.com

[*Note from HIFA moderator (NPW): Thank you Senkyire and congratulations to you, Richard and everyone who is involved in this important event. Over the past few years Richard has helped us recognise the importance of access to personal medical records as part of the informaiton that every person needs to protect their own health and the health of others. We look forward to hear how this develops. We also look forward to welcome many new HIFA members from China. Please invite all delegates to continue the discussion here on HIFA: www.hifa.org/joinhifa ]