HIFA & United Nations World Data Forum, Hangzhou, China, 24-27 April 2023 (3) New book: Science-policy-data interface for responding to COVID-19 in Cameroon

23 March, 2023

Dear all,

I am here sharing with you the link of my new Book entitled : Science-policy-data interface for responding to COVID-19 in Cameroon, and my paper for UN World Data Forum..

The essence of this book will be presented at the UN world Data upcoming meeting, from 24th to 27th in Handgzou, China.

Your insight is welcome.

Have a good day and warm regards.




HIFA profile: Norbert Tchouaffe is a researcher in science-policy interface at the Pan-African Institute for Development, Cameroon, lecturing leadership and management courses at the University of Dschang and Ebolowa, Caneroon. I am also Co- chair of the Sustainable Health Equity Movement (SHEM): www.sustainablehealthequity.org Email: ntchoua AT gmail.com