High impact weather climate change and deaths of millions - Sendai Framework

10 April, 2022

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You already know that the world, nature, human beings and the animal kingdom are the most beautiful and wondrous things to explore and enjoy.

But very unfortunately natural and preventable man-made/human-induced disasters, conflicts and wars are destroying our only one earth, environment, lives and livelihoods. For example, the worst impacts of

climate change that we face unnecessarily. Due to the unjust actions of human beings, nature is hostile and for many other reasons the frequency and severity of human-induced disasters have increased in recent years.

So those cruel, irrational, greedy culprits especially the leaders of the industrialized countries are the enemies of the planet, people, nature and environment. Those industrialized countries are emitting carbon and greenhouse gas that promote global warming and disasters. The carbon-emitting countries are definitely responsible for the deaths of millions. So we, the innocent poor people of the poor countries are the victims of disasters illogically for the faults of industrialized rich countries. The rich countries must stop climate change, protect the environment, and save the earth...

Title of the story:

*High impact weather, climate change, and deaths of millions*

PARVEZ BABUL, The Daily Observer, April 10, 2022

Link to view: https://www.observerbd.com/news.php?id=361061

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HIFA profile: Parvez Babul is a health journalist in Bangladesh and write articles on health, nutrition, gender, women's empowerment, climate change and development issues in national international newspapers. His book: Women's Empowerment, Food Security and Climate Change has been published in February this year. He is the Convener of Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum. He has been working to improve health and nutrition situation of the women and children in Bangladesh through working with an international voluntary organization. Parvez Babul welcomes email from the members of HIFA at: parvezbabulATyahoo.com, parvezbabulATgmail.com

[*Note from NPW, moderator: The final paragraph of the piece highlights the UN Sendai Framework and the importance of meeting the information needs of the people (and policymakers): 'The Sendai Framework incorporates early warnings into one of its seven global targets. It is to substantially increase the availability, access to multi-hazard early warning systems, disaster risk information and assessments to people by 2030. Anyway, to ensure all kinds of forecasts delivered to the stakeholders in a sustainable manner through digital analysis -- engaging print electronic and social Media is very essential. It helps disseminate information among the people at the right time. Community Radio is helpful for sharing information especially at the coastal, char, remote, hard-to-reach areas.']

More on the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030: https://www.undrr.org/implementing-sendai-framework/what-sendai-framework ]