How WHO and Viamo provide COVID-19 information to the next billion digital users via their mobile phones (5)

15 February, 2022

Thanks for sharing. The article actually gives useful insight about the power of mobile phone technology to connect even the hardest to reach populations.

Mobile phone messages can aid people with more local information. On mass media we only see news coverage from more approachable geographies. This leaves people with no major idea about the penetration of virus in their own areas leading to complacency as they consider the transmission can only happen from the symptomatic cases. When they will have information about the local challenges and penetration, they would be alert and comply more with the Covid Appropriate Behavior.

In India, Delhi government made a very efficient use of mobile phone technology. Whenever anyone made a voice call, the automatic caller tune reminded them about the three basic Covid appropriate behavior: Wear a mask, maintain a distance of 2 meters and keep your hands clean. Subsequently, the caller tune appeared to be the most recalled Covid communication by the city participants.

HIFA profile: Sonal Arora is a Public Health Researcher at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India. Professional interests: Mother and Child Health, Health Communication Research and Behavioral Change Research. sonalkakkar07 AT