Hypertension - ‘Three 'Synergistic' Problems When Taking Blood Pressure’ (7)

17 June, 2023

Of interest on this topic, a just-published study (linked below) showed once again that hypertension measured by ambulatory BP monitoring, particularly when hypertension occurs at night, is much more highly correlated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality than standard BP measurement. This technology has been available for decades with similar results (albeit in smaller studies than this one), yet medicine rarely uses it, even in wealthy countries. It’s more expensive than a BP cuff, but other much more expensive tests are used with less solid evidence than this.

Time to reconsider?


Margaret Winker, MD

Trustee, World Association of Medical Editors




Relationship between clinic and ambulatory blood pressure and mortality: an observational cohort study in 59 124 patients



HIFA profile: Margaret Winker is Secretary and Past President of the World Association of Medical Editors in the U.S. Professional interests: WAME is a global association of editors of peer-reviewed medical journals who seek to foster cooperation and communication among editors, improve editorial standards, promote professionalism in medical editing through education, self-criticism, and self-regulation, and encourage research on the principles and practice of medical editing. margaretwinker AT gmail.com