ICHG World Immunisation Week Webinar

15 April, 2024

After the success of last month's seminar celebrating World TB day, ICHG [1] are delighted to be co-hosting with ISSOP [2] for yet another exciting session marking World Immunisation Week!

"Celebrating World Immunisation Week 2024: Lessons learned and future priorities".

Thursday 25th April 5-6pm BST

This exciting teaching session is a celebration of World Immunisation Week 2024! The discussion will offer valuable lessons and highlight future priorities in the field of immunisation.

Dr. Baleng Wutor is a research clinician and paediatrician at MRC Unit the Gambia. He will be discussing his work and reflecting on_ 'The challenge of undertaking infant vaccine trials in low- and middle-income countries: Experiences from a large cluster-randomized trial in rural Gambia.'_

Dr. Emilie Karafillakis is an Assistant Professor and the European Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the Vaccine Confidence Project(tm), at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the University of Antwerp. She will be sharing her insights into _'Vaccine confidence: challenges and opportunities._

Please click here for event information and to sign up! https://share.medall.org/events/celebrating-world-immunisation-week-2024... [3]

Best wishes


Dr Kerry Blackett

Advocacy Co-lead

International Child Health Group


Dr Kerry Blackett

ST4 Paediatric trainee

West Yorkshire

Co-Lead for Advocacy

International Child Health Group [1]

Subspecialty group of the RCPCH [4]



[1] https://www.internationalchildhealthgroup.org/

[2] https://issop.org/

[3] https://share.medall.org/events/celebrating-world-immunisation-week-2024...

[4] https://www.rcpch.ac.uk/

CHIFA profile: Kerry Blackett is a paediatric registrar with the International Child Health Group in the United Kingdom and has a professional interest in neonates, global health, migrant health, and advocacy. Email address: kerry.blackett AT doctors.org.uk