International Primary Care Respiratory Group IPCRG February 2023 newsletter

4 March, 2023

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Good afternoon,

I am writing to share the February 2023 edition of the IPCRG (International Primary Care Respiratory Group) newsletter. The fully formatted version can be accessed here ( ) with the plain

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Dear IPCRG Colleague,

This month we have had the opportunity to reflect on the similarities and differences between primary care systems, the value of family medicine approaches, and how important it remains to understand the local context before designing education or research programmes. Continue reading to find

out more about our President and CEO's trip to Bangladesh.


Key recommendations for primary care from the 2022 Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) update



IPCRG Qualitative Research School: a great and accessible way to expand your research skills


Submit your abstract now for the 7th IPCRG Scientific Meeting in Munich, 15-16 May 2023



Bangladesh: IPCRG visit & Asthma Right Care launch



New Paper on Inhaler Recycling



Teach the Teacher Brazil & Mexico


New How We Breathe excerpts

We have released new excerpts of our How We Breathe film on asthma ( ) , breathlessness ( ) and good and bad particles ( ) . Please share with patients, students and colleagues.


Small Grants reminder



IPCRG is delighted to announce that we are partnering with colleagues in a significant new research programme called FRESHAIR4LIFE. The kick-off meeting takes place 27-28 February so we will provide more information next month.


Family Medicine of Macedonia 5th Congress, 18-21 May, Skopje, Republic of

North Macedonia


FIP 81st World Congress of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, 24-28

September, 2023, Brisbane, Australia


Management of Severe Paediatric Asthma: From Hospital to Home

touchRESPIRATORY has a new learning exercise ( focused on severe paediatric asthma. Watch members of the multidisciplinary team and a patient advocate discuss the challenges of diagnosing severe type 2 asthma in children.

96th EGPRN Meeting, 11-14 May 2023, Split, Croatia




Go to ( to find out more about IPCRG, a charity working locally in primary care and collaborating globally to improve respiratory health so we can achieve our vision of a global population breathing and feeling well through universal access to right


With our best wishes,

Ee Ming Khoo

President IPCRG

Siân Williams


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