Introducing the 2021 Edition of the Family Planning Resource Guide

14 December, 2021

Dear colleagues,

At Knowledge SUCCESS, we aim to collect, synthesize, and curate knowledge produced by innovators around the world working towards the common goal of expanding access to quality family planning and reproductive health services and information. At this time of year, we engage in a critical exercise of stepping back and reflecting on the ground-breaking work our community has produced over the course of the year. With that, we curated this year’s Family Planning Resource Guide, packaged like a holiday gift guide.

Explore Family Planning Resource Guide!

Consider this your “holiday gift guide” for family planning resources.

Natalie Apcar, MSc (she/her)

Program Officer, Knowledge SUCCESS

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

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HIFA profile: Natalie Apcar is Program Officer, Knowledge SUCCESS, JHU CCP, United States. Email: natalie.apcar AT