An Introduction and Practical Guide to Community Engagement and Involvement in Global Health Research (2)

2 July, 2024

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Thank you for sharing this information about community engagement in health research.  I have a special interest in this area, having served as a volunteer on an Australian health communications research team at Australia National University (ANU) for the past four years, and Co-Chair for the past two years.  I look forward to enrolling in this online course and learning, as a member of HIFA and as a health activist based in Australia.

Dr Ann Lawless,  Australia.

HIFA profile: Ann Lawless is a sociologist and patient representative, currently based in Australia. She has worked in a community health centre as a health worker, has taught health issues at university level including Indigenous health; and has an active and long term interest in health advocacy. She is a member of the HIFA-WHO working group on Learning for quality health services.

Email: lawlesszest AT