Introduction: Anjum Inamdar, India - Nutrition

19 August, 2022


This is Anjum Inamdar.

Born and working in India. As a professional in the clinical nutrition field, I have worked in many clinical settings and with many amazing people who are taking up really great steps to help people revolutionaries their life through nutrition. One thing we really believe in our profession is, that everyone must get the right information at the right time. With this goal, I am very excited to be a part of this forum! Healthcare one its kind sector which forms the foundation of almost every human endeavor. And as a person who believes that there is no limit to human potential, I am really looking forward to hearing great new information and opinions from people all over the globe, and share my experiences with them.

Looking forward!

Anjum Inamdar

clinical nutritionist


HIFA profile: Anjum Inamdar is a self-employed Nutritionist in India. Professional interests: Nutritional information; Nutrirional decision-making. Email: anjuminamdar589 AT