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19 January, 2022

Dear Clare,

I was interested to read your email, it certainly needs a multidisciplinary approach to tackle all the factors that lead to maternal mortality and morbidity as well as the often associated with poor outcome for the baby. I first learnt about African obstetrics in the late 60s as a young registrar a Life changing experience.

I set up a charity call task women's health (task stands for towards African solutions through knowledge, the idea was to use mobile phone technology to link remote hospitals with expert advice, but I think that we were too far ahead and couldn't get the support of the phone companies. Eventually we closed Down the charity. One of my Sad regrets.

Three years ago I was in Rwanda trying to arrange for trainees in OandG to spend six months working in Rwanda before taking up a consultant post, the idea was to improve labour ward management and safe Caesarean section, Caesarean section after prolonged obstructive labour can be challenging with damage to both mother and baby

I am retired from clinical work my last appointment What is a consultant to University College Hospital London after the merger of the Middlesex and UCL.

Wish you the best of luck your very worthy Project and offer anything that this old head can help with.

With best wishes

John Osborne

HIFA profile: John Osborne is a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist based in London. He formerly worked with the charity TASK Womens Health, which aimed to use information technologies such as mobile phones to support middle-level reproductive health workers in Africa. osbornes.chiswick AT

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> Dear HIFA


> I have just joined the HIFA network having already joined HIFA-Zambia [*]. I am an epidemiologist specialising in maternal mental health and have a PhD from the UK and have recently completed a postdoc in Canada. I am currently helping out an organisation called the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health and am reaching out to organisations in Zambia who might have interest in maternal mental health. These include NGOs, hospitals and healthcare organisations, educational institutions and professional associations.


> The African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is an alliance of organisations working to improve and advocate for the mental health of mothers across the Africa. It is registered as a Non Governmental Organization in Malawi and are aiming to expand across the continent by partnering with organizations in various disciplines, including those covering mental health, reproductive and maternal and child health, women’s rights, people with lived experience, etc. This we hope will facilitate networking within and between countries and eventually we hope that countries will form their own alliances. We are part of the Global Alliance for Maternal Mental Health, a coalition of international organisations committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing of women and children during pregnancy and the first postnatal year throughout the world (


> I would welcome any ideas for contacting larger NGOs in particular such as Oxfam or Save the Children, as we have found it best to have contact names within organisations and to email people personally rather than sending emails to generic email addresses.


> Kind regards and I look forward to interacting on this forum

> Clare Taylor


> HIFA profile: Clare Taylor is a research epidemiologist with a PhD in perinatal psychiatry from the UK, currently working with the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health ( The African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is an alliance of organisations working to improve and advocate for the mental health of mothers across the Africa. clarabella18 AT


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