Introduction: Hello from Understanding Patient Data, UK

21 October, 2023


Just a short message to introduce ourselves as a new member. We’re Understanding Patient Data, a small independent initiative in the UK aimed at making the use of patient/health data more visible, transparent and trustworthy. We do this by commissioning research, producing resources (often co-producing with patients, members of the public and healthcare professionals), providing “critical friend” support to policymakers and providing commentary to the media. We often work collaboratively with other organisations, mainly in the UK but we are keen to work internationally, too. All our content (animations, videos, guides, posters, etc) is freely available on our website (, and we encourage its use and adaptation for different audiences, e.g. including translation into different languages. Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like further information -


Nicola, Emma and Emma

Nicola Hamilton

Head of UPD


Floor 2, 18 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HZ

HIFA profile: Nicola Hamilton is Head of Understanding Patient Data, UK. Professional interests: Visible, transparent and trustworthy use of health data; Patient, public and professional engagement and deliberation; Participatory governance in relation to the use of health data; Access to medical records (by patients), researchers; Information governance; Data protection; Data governance; Ethics; Health data resources; Health data literacy / critical thinking skills; International collaborations; Sharing knowledge, resources, research and expertise. nicola.hamilton AT @Patient_Data