Introduction: Issis Rivas, Honduras - Dermatology and cosmetic medicine

17 August, 2022

Hello!!! I’m Issis Rivas, Student at Honduras National Autonomous University Medical Science Faculty, on my 8th year of Medicine.

It would be an honor for me to be part of this community and be able to learn all the different point of views and ideas from my fellow healthcare

professionals. I feel it will be a rich experience and appreciate all the additional knowledge that will be to my advantage and will help me prepare more on my education.

The topics I love is everything related to dermatology and cosmetic medicine, so I’ll keep special attention to anything related.

Hope we can chat soon!


Issis Rivas

HIFA profile: Issis Rivas is a Doctor in Social Service at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, Honduras. Professional intwerest: Health system improvement. issis.rivas AT