Introduction: Jeniffer Yula Musyoka, Kenya

25 February, 2024

I am a trained and registered nurse in kenya with working experience of over 20 years in various institutions both private, public hospitals and school programs, conduct outreach activities in health care.

Currently am working with mother and child department which includes delivery and child care immunization and prevention of mother to child transmission.

Have also attended short courses related to health with special interest in palliative care and substance abuse.

My professional interests in palliative care and substance abuse is due to lack of awareness amongst people that this are medical condition that need attention just like any other illness.

The advantage is it can be taken care of at home, groups, etc.

HIFA profile: Jeniffer Yula Musyoka is a Nurse in Machakos County, Kenya. Professional interests: Nursing; Palliative care. Email: jeniffersomba15 AT