Introduction: Oscar Muhoozi Kabagambe, Uganda - Dynamic Doctors Uganda (2)

1 June, 2023

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Dr. Oscar Muhoozi to HIFA.

I have been encouraging him to become a member for probably four years now.

Dr. Muhoozi was an intern at the referral hospital where I was working on the labour wards and teaching.

Since completing his internship, Oscar and several colleagues have embarked on an outreach clinical program to serve those who have no health insurance and who are too economically disadvantaged to pay for private services. His UHC and PHC initiatives are bold and yielding positive results.

I hope Dr. Oscar finds a supportive home with HIFA.

We should be here to learn from each other.

After all, isn't that what HIFA is all about?

Oscar, you might be interested in going to HIFA's archives and looking at the conversations that have occurred on topics that are of importance to you.

Mickey Rostoker

HIFA profile: Mickey Rostoker, MD, FCFP, is Associate Clinical Professor, Family Practice, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, and Assistant Professor, Family Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada. He is a HIFA Country Representative:

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