Introduction: Richard McGuire, UK

28 May, 2020

Hello to all,

My name is Richard McGuire, LLB, LL.M. I have a background in human rights law with specific interest in the prohibition of torture, refugee law, the right to health and freedom of expression. Within this, particularly, access to accurate and up-to-date healthcare information without interference.

Being part of these forums is a great opportunity to learn from, and engage with, professionals from a variety of disciplines and with different outlooks on such a vital topic within global healthcare.

I look forward to being a part of the forums and interacting with you all.

Many thanks,


HIFA profile: Richard McGuire currently works as a Legal Officer providing counsel to unaccompanied children and youth making applications for refugee status in Cairo. Professional interests are international refugee law and human rights law, particularly the prohibition of torture, fair trial rights and freedom of expression. rich.mcg88 AT