Introduction: Shariffa Chishty, Singapore

21 October, 2023

Hi everyone, lovely to be a part of something that provides and spreads reliable healthcare information, especially in today’s setting where all sorts of information is at our fingertips and we may have trouble sifting through which is fact or fiction.

I’m Shariffa, a lifestyle and family medicine physician based in Singapore.

I am also a community practitioner, where my outreach efforts deliver reliable health information and i do my best to debunk myths.

Looking forward to getting in touch with the rest of members,

Shariffa SC

HIFA profile: Shariffa Syahidah Chishty is a Family and Lifestyle Medicine Physician at BTC Sanctuary, Singapore. Professional interests: Family medicine; Lifestyle medicine; Public health; Social prescribing; Social determinants of health; Nutrition as medicine; Exercise as medicine; Sleep; Positive psychology. shsyahidah.chishty AT