Introduction: Unati Makiwane, Canada

19 August, 2022

Hello Everyone,

I hope colleagues are doing great.

Here’s my brief bio:

Dr. Unati Makiwane is a Canadian Family Physician with over 16yr experience, Ex- President of Black Mental Health Matters, Keynote Speaker, Weekly Health Talk Host, Health & Certified Child Self Esteem & Transformational Life Coach focusing on Childhood Trauma, Life Coaching, Sexual & Mental Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Children's Mental Health.

She is the first Female Physician in Canada to host a virtual Men's Health Talk Show which runs bi-weekly where she interacts with a global community of Men seeking to lead healthy lives mentally, physically and spiritually. She is the Founder & CEO of Dr. M Health Corner- A Consultation Company that does Executive Coaching- in Corporate/ NGO/Schools/ NPOs etc

Amongst other things she’s doing in the community, In June 2021, she worked with UN Affiliated Agency- The Federation of International Gender and Human Rights.

In July 2021, she shared stage with Dr. Martin Luther King III on the World Diversity Conference where she took a discourse on her expertise on Men’s Mental Health.

Best Regards,

Dr. Unati Makiwane

Family Physician, Health Coach & Mental Health Expert

"The Man who earns a million but destroys his health in the process, is not a success"- Zig Ziglar

HIFA profile: Unati Makiwane is a Family Physician at Dr. M Health Corner, Canada. Professional interests: Childhood Trauma & Chronic disease; Mental health disorders; Substance abuse; Gender-based violence. Email: drunati AT