Introduction: Wilson Chandomba, Zimbabwe

20 August, 2023

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Detailed Profile for Wilson Chandomba

Wilson Chandomba – (EDBL, EMBA, City & Guilds QA , FIATA, Health and

Humanitarian Supply Chain, Core Humanitarian, ISO QMS)

Passionate about access to affordable, quality, safe and effective

medicines for disadvantaged communities including hard to reach areas in

rural Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. I am making a difference in

pharmaceutical systems strengthening through promoting the adherence of

good medical logistics practices in the supply chain and rolling out

competence based medical logistics training programs.

It is my strong conviction that medical products have to be delivered on

time where they are needed. Players at different stages of the supply

chain have to exercise due care and diligence to ensure that the physical

integrity and safety of medical products is maintained throughout

especially when in transit up to last mile delivery.

As a result of this work in February 2023 i was chosen to make a

presentation at the USAID MTaPS East Africa Pharmaceutical Systems

Strengthening Skills Exchange.

As the Managing Consultant of CMCOMMS Supply Chain Quality Assurance we

utilised hands on experience and expertise within the pharmaceutical

industry to design, develop and implement the CMCOMMS Medical Logistics

Practitioner Training Program. The program is accredited by the Pharmacist

Council of Zimbabwe, The CPD Group UK and recognised by the Medicines

Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) as a continuous professional

development course for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, logistics and

supply chain professionals. Most recently the training program got the

International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) seal accreditation.

Volunteering as the Training Coordinator for the International Association

of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) Zimbabwe Chapter we rolled out this

training program to more than 1000 participants in Zimbabwe drawn from

Ministry of Health, Natpharm , UNICEF, UNFPA, ZNFPC, WFP, PSZ, PSI, PSH,

CordAid, MSF, rural hospitals, rural clinics among many others.

In October 2022 i was recognised by MCAZ for work done in developing the

pharmaceutical industry through promoting adherence and enforcement to

Good Storage and Distribution Practices throughout the supply chain of a

medical product. As part of securing the medical supply chain from

counterfeits, falsified products and related supply risks we submitted a

dossier in 2020 to MCAZ titled Gaps in the Supply Chain which motivated the

enactment of Good Storage and Distribution Practices of medical products in

Zimbabwe of July 2022.

Over the years I have managed medical supply and logistics contracts from

bid submission up to fulfilling all tender requirements for government

medical stores and non governmental organizations within Southern Africa.

The projects included upstream logistics up to last mile delivery even in

hard to reach areas. In the last two years i participated in the UNICEF

Vital Medicines and Health Availability Surveys managed by Crown Agents

which saw him visit health facilities in a number of rural districts in


My hands-on work experience for the past 24 years within the pharmaceutical

industry in Southern Africa covers regulatory compliance, product

registration, regulatory audits, procurement, customs handling, quality

assurance, manufacturing, imports, exports, freight forwarding, inventory

management, downstream distribution up to last mile delivery .

For further details please find the link to my LinkedIn :-

Hoping to learn from and expand my network within this platform.

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HIFA profile: Wilson Chandomba is a Managing Consultant and Volunteer Training Coordinator at CMCOMMS and IAPHL, Zimbabwe Chapter. Interests: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Quality Assurance, Health Supply Chain, Good Storage and Distribution Practices. Wilson Chandomba <>

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