Invitation to participate in a DCE survey on journal indexing and scientific impact of Africa's public health research

16 February, 2024

Dear editor,

I would like to invite you to complete a DCE survey on journal indexing and scientific impact of public health research from Africa. The survey may take you about 5 to 10 minutes.

I am a PhD student at University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, and my research project title is ''Journal Indexing and Scientific Impact of Public Health research from Africa: current, barriers, facilitators, and opportunities.''

This research initiative aims to explore the landscape of public health research in Africa by focusing on the indexing of journals and assessing their scientific impact. I am particularly interested in understanding the current status of journal indexing in the context of African public health, identifying the barriers that may hinder the visibility and scientific impact of research, exploring facilitators that contribute to successful indexing, and pinpointing opportunities for improvement. Your valuable insights will help us gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and potential advancements in the field, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of scientific communication and knowledge dissemination in Africa's public health sector.

The survey below is in two sections: a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) with 14 questions, and 6 demographic profile questions.

You may open the survey in your web browser by clicking the link below:

Journal Indexing Service DCE Survey Link [*see note below]


If the link above does not work, try copying the link below into your web browser:

The survey instructions or introduction page will provide you with links to study ethical approval, study information sheet, and study consent sheet.

Your participation to complete the survey will also be taken as consent to take part in the study, hence it is optional to send a signed consent sheet. Despite sending the survey invitation directly to your e-mail, please note that the survey responses will be anonymously recorded into REDCap.

If you already responded to this survey, please ignore the message below or just share it with a fellow editor of an African health science journal. Since responses are anonymous, we sent reminders to all contacts.

Your sincerely,

Apatsa Selemani

Wits PhD student | CARTA Cohort 10 Fellow |

HIFA profile: Apatsa Selemani is an Assistant Librarian-Readers services at the University of Malawi College of Medicine in Malawi. Professional interests: Information Literacy Intellectual property Digital Librarianship. aselemani AT

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