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16 November, 2022

Good afternoon,

I am writing to share the November 2022 edition of the IPCRG newsletter. The fully formatted version can be accessed here (https://mailchi.mp/ipcrg.org/ipcrg-november-2022-newsletter) with the plain text below:


Dear IPCRG Colleague,

This month, to support World COPD Day on 16 November, we highlight the resources about COPD we have created for primary care advocacy, clinical care and for sharing with patients and their families. In addition, we focus on our goal to build primary care research capacity, announcing details of our 7th Scientific Meeting - also our first meeting in Germanny; a qualitative research school; a new case study about how IPCRG helps early career researchers; an update on applications for our research grant programme and we showcase some recent publications from our journal including two systematic reviews and a meta-analysis.



IPCRG 7th Scientific Meeting

IPCRG is delighted to announce that our 7th IPCRG Scientific Meeting will be held in Munich, Germany, 15-16 May 2023. We are working with our German group led by Univ Prof Dr med Antonius Schneider and are picking up the successful series of scientific meetings that took place prior to the pandemic.

The conference programme is being built by our Research Leadership Team and other scientific colleagues, seeking ideas from our network, with most time devoted to abstract presentation and discussion. Registration and abstract submission will open on 21 December 2022, with abstract submission closing on 15 March 2023. The conference will take place at the Maritim Hotel, Munich, Germany.

We will keep our conference webpage (https://www.ipcrg.org/Munich2023) updated with the latest information. Put 15 and 16 May 2023 in your diaries now!

Read more (https://www.ipcrg.org/Munich2023)

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Speak Up for COPD on November 16

IPCRG is proud to endorse the ‘Speak Up for COPD’ (https://www.politico.eu/sponsored-content/it-is-time-to-make-copd-a-publ...) campaign this World COPD Day on 16 November.

Our COPD Right Care change programme has been busy this year developing resources (https://www.ipcrg.org/copdrightcare) that primary care can share with people with lived experience of COPD.

* Our magazine to support self-management, ‘Breathe Well, Move More, Live Better’ (http://ipcrg.org/copdmagazine) is currently being translated into a range of languages and we are currently running qualitative interviews to inform two further editions likely to cover topics including nutrition, motivation, recognising flare-ups and managing mood.

* Our ‘How We Breathe’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrA3f5LzFeY) short film has been updated with captions in Chinese, German, Spanish and Portuguese, with Italian and French coming soon. The film currently has 929 views - help us get to 1,000 by sharing with your colleagues!

* We launched two Desktop Helpers with supplementary material including case discussions: No. 12 COPD and Mental Health (https://www.ipcrg.org/dth12) & No. 3 Palliative Approach for COPD (https://www.ipcrg.org/dth3)

* We are continuing to develop our ‘Two Tools’ project. Watch our colleague Pedro Fonte present the COPD Right Care Wheel at our conference in May here (https://vimeo.com/726027853) . If you want to join the COPD Right Care movement please contact Joe Casson (mailto:projectsupport@ipcrg.org?subject=COPD%20Right%20Care%20-%20Gettin...) .



Asthma Right Care Around the World

To kick off our social movements, we encourage teams to hold design charrettes, where they take our conversation starters (https://www.ipcrg.org/asthmarightcare/asthma-right-care-key-resources) such as our Asthma Slide Rule, Question and Challenge Cards and Reliever Reliance Test, and talk about how they would amend or improve the design, make the name of the movement their own, and create new tools. Our Brazilian colleagues launched Asthma Right Care (http://ipcrg.org/asthmarightcare) recently, using the GRESP Portuguese name CAPA (Cuidados Adequados Á Pessoa Com Asma, which also means a protective cloak) at an in-person workshop. Our Tunisian team also tested a mini-charrette this weekend.



Boosting Research Careers

Marilena Anastasaki is one of the Early Career Researchers whom the IPCRG has been pleased to support in building their careers. In this short insightful article, Marilena speaks to Neil Fitch about how she became involved in respiratory research, how the IPCRG has helped develop her career and her advice for people starting off in research. Read her story and others here (https://www.ipcrg.org/boosting-research-careers) .


Research Prioritisation Small Grants update

Applications for the first round of our research prioritisation small grants (https://www.ipcrg.org/ipcrg-research-prioritisation-small-grants) have now closed and we have received a pleasing response from low, middle and high income countries. Applications are currently being reviewed and applicants can expect a response by the end of December. If you weren’t ready, don’t worry: submissions for the second round of awards are open until 30 April 2023.

Read more (https://www.ipcrg.org/ipcrg-research-prioritisation-small-grants)


iQ&A: New Answers Available

* What is known about immunity beyond 6 months following a fourth COVID-19 vaccination, and does the evidence suggest healthcare professionals would benefit from an additional booster dose? (https://www.ipcrg.org/resources/search-resources/what-is-known-about-imm...)

* Can previous COVID vaccinations immunise against the newest OMICRON strain? (https://www.ipcrg.org/resources/search-resources/can-previous-covid-vacc...)

* What is the prognosis of re-infection by the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in patients without prior vaccination? (https://www.ipcrg.org/resources/search-resources/what-is-the-prognosis-o...)




This paper examines the 'Teach the Teacher' programme delivered by IPCRG and the NIHR-funded RECHARGE Group to build capacity for pulmonary rehabilitation in low- and middle-income countries.

Read more (https://www.joghr.org/article/39598-the-recharge-ipcrg-teach-the-teacher...)


Improving Access to Affordable Quality-Assured Inhaled Medicines in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Access to affordable inhaled medicines for chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) is severely limited in low- and middle-income countries, causing avoidable morbidity and mortality. This paper identifies the barriers to improving access and discusses a range of potential solutions through coordinated, multi-stakeholder, collaborative efforts.

Read more (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36281039/)



* A systematic review of the effects of e-cigarette use on lung function (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41533-022-00311-w)

* A meta-analysis on the structure of pulmonary rehabilitation maintenance programmes on COPD patients’ functional capacity (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41533-022-00302-x)

* Documentation of smoking in scheduled asthma contacts in primary health care: a 12-year follow-up study (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41533-022-00309-4)

* A systematic review of interventions to recognise, refer and diagnose patients with lung cancer symptoms (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41533-022-00312-9)

Latest Articles (https://www.nature.com/npjpcrm/articles)



New Knowledge Platform for Climate & Health

Climahealth (https://climahealth.info/) , a new initiative from the World Health Organisation and the World Meteorological Organisation, promises to provide actionable information to protect people from the health risks of climate change and other environmental hazards. This open-access platform has been designed to become the go-to technical reference point for countering misinformation about climate change and health.


Video: Thunderstorms, Bushfires and Floods

Watch this video (https://vimeo.com/711144034) produced by our Australian colleagues on the health impact of thunderstorms, bushfires and floods. This video was initially presented at the 11th IPCRG World Conference in Málaga in May. We will continue to promote resources created by our network to highlight the effect of climate change on respiratory health.

Read more (https://www.ipcrg.org/aboutus/advocacy/ipcrg-and-climate-change)



WONCA Regional Conferences

WONCA are hosting two regional conferences in late 2022. The 7th WONCA Africa Conference (https://www.ipcrg.org/conferences/7th-wonca-africa-region-conference-2022) takes place from 24-26 November in Abuja, Nigeria, and the WONCA Asia-Pacific Conference (https://www.ipcrg.org/conferences/wonca-asia-pacific-regional-conference...) runs from 5-7 December in Bali, Indonesia.

https://www.ipcrg.org/upcoming-events (https://www.ipcrg.org/ghrn-publications) Read more (https://www.ipcrg.org/upcoming-events)

IPCRG 12th World Conference 9-11 May 2024

Save the date! IPCRG’s 12th World Conference will take place from 9-11 May 2024 in Athens, Greece. Add the dates to your calendar below - more details will be announced next year.

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With our best wishes,

Ee Ming Khoo

President IPCRG

Siân Williams


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