January 2022 SNOMED CT International Edition is now available (3) The International Patient Summary

21 February, 2022

Martin Severs, a past colleague was one of the originators and directors of SNOMED which, I believe, may be the host of the International Patient Summary.

SNOMED originally was an extension of the Classification of diseases of the American College of Pathologists.

The International Summary of every citizen on the Planet is not as far away as it sounds, as the tools, training, experience, practical experimentation and technology for creating digital registers of patients with attached health records to each citizen have been around for 30 years or more - very much accelerated by Covid19 and dazzlingly fast developments in technology, apps, portals, public penetration of mobime technology and increased transparency and hopefully social accountability rather than secretive cyber nationalism!

Public and professional education and communication will be necessary with good information communication about the balanced risk and evidence of the benefits and practicalities of International Patient Summaries.

Information Governance of the International Patient Summaries will be necessary and an information governance and the UN role in records' governance thought paper was presented at a St Petersburg 2016 conference on the UN needs of patients with disabilities and impairments.



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