Just launched: 7 new resource collections to support implementation of the family planning high impact practices!

12 April, 2024

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[HIPs Implementation Tools Project] <https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/hips-curated-lists/>

Dear FP/RH colleagues,

Exciting news! The first set of resource collections from the HIPs Implementation Tools project<https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/hips-curated-lists/> are now available. Are you implementing any of the family planning high impact practices (HIPs) in your work? Then these collections are for you!

What is the HIPs Implementation Tools project?

The purpose of the project is to develop a collection of essential resources that support family planning practitioners in their work to implement and scale-up each of the family planning HIPs.

The project was developed in response to recent evidence that identified a need for resources that go beyond highlighting why a HIP works, but that provide guidance on how to put these practices into action.

In partnership with FP/RH technical experts, the project identified 7 initial HIPs, and gathered a comprehensive set of accessible knowledge products that FP/RH implementers can use to strengthen the application and scale-up of these 7 HIPs in their programming.

Learn more about the project background and resource selection process at the website here<https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/hips-curated-lists/>, and begin browsing the resource collections for each HIP category below!

[Explore the Collections]


[Postabortion (1)]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

[PPFP (1)]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

[Community Group Engagement (1)]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

[Community Health Workers (1)]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

[Mobile Outreach Services]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

[Mass Media (1)]<https://www.fpinsight.org/collection/resources-for-implementing-and-scal...(hip)>

Learn more about the HIPs<https://www.fphighimpactpractices.org/>

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