The Lancet @200 years & HIFA: Spotlight webinar on medical research as a catalyst for policy and societal change, Nov 9 at 13:30 GMT

7 November, 2023

Dear HIFA colleagues,

Please join us for a Lancet-HIFA webinar to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Lancet.

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Prioritising evidence to guide and inform decision making

For 200 years, The Lancet has published scientific research that has driven progress and generated knowledge. Now, in a growing phase of anti-science, researchers play a more crucial role than ever in science communication.

We call for...

All sectors of society to have a responsibility to bridge the gap between knowledge and action—demanding and ensuring that evidence is used by policy makers to guide and inform their decision making

Policy makers, funders, and scientists to give greater recognition to the part played by research participants in advancing knowledge and understanding about health


Join our Spotlight webinar on medical research as a catalyst for policy and societal change, Nov 9 at 13:30 GMT.

This is presented in partnership with HIFA.

Here is a direct link to register (free):

The panellists are:

Joseph Ravenell (New York University)

Vivian Kwang-wen Lin (University of Hong Kong)

Padma Padmapriya (National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, Chennai)

Neil Pakenham-Walsh (HIFA)

The session is hosted by Taissa Vila (The Lancet Regional Health - Americas) and Vania Wisdom (The Lancet)

We look forward to your participation and invite you to continue the discussion here on HIFA, after the event.

Best wishes, Neil

HIFA profile: Neil Pakenham-Walsh is coordinator of HIFA (Healthcare Information For All), a global health community that brings all stakeholders together around the shared goal of universal access to reliable healthcare information. HIFA has 20,000 members in 180 countries, interacting in four languages and representing all parts of the global evidence ecosystem. HIFA is administered by Global Healthcare Information Network, a UK-based nonprofit in official relations with the World Health Organization. Email: