The Lancet: Commission on Health and Human Rights (4)

3 April, 2024

I couldn't agree more with Stewart Britten's comments. Everything we do right now, everything we speak about in terms of SDGs, healthcare access, equity, women's rights, etc etc it is all completely meaningless while there is a genocide going on right beside us. A man-made famine now to kill the rest of the children, the orphans, the amputees, this psychologically traumatised generation. Record numbers of civilian deaths, record numbers of healthcare workers and aid workers killed, and at best our institutions are silent, at worst they are complicit. Where are our voices? Where is our action?

HIFA profile: Elaine Toomey is a Lecturer a the University of Galway, in Ireland. Professional interests: Evidence based healthcare; Implementation science; Behavioural science; Health research methodology, and Knowledge translation.