The Lancet: Commission on Health and Human Rights (8)

3 April, 2024

We agree completely with the powerfully worded statements by both Stewart Britten and Elaine Toomey.

We have three suggestions.

1. The first has been made by many organizations, namely that the arms transfers to Israel from the UK and USA must cease immediately.

2. Given the now uninhabitable state of Gaza, MCAI has been calling for the urgent medical evacuation of all high-risk patients including pregnant women along with their existing children plus all others with medical conditions that can no longer be treated within Gaza. Please see the front page of our website for more information

3. The complete failure of the international organisations that should have stopped the cruelty and internationally illegal actions of Israel are raised for action in our recent publication in the Medical Research Archives of The European Society of Medicine. Here is the link:

David and Rhona

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HIFA profile: David Southall is a retired Professor of Paediatrics and Honorary Medical Director of the Maternal and Child Health Advocacy International (MCAI). David founded MCAI in 1995 and currently is directing a task-sharing programme in Liberia aimed at the training of midwives in advanced obstetrics (including abdominal surgery) and the training of nurses and midwives in advanced neonatal care. David’s main interests include: medical education, approaches to healthcare based on human rights, sustained improvements in the emergency hospital care of pregnant women and adolescent girls, babies and children in disadvantaged countries, preventing the life-threatening abuse of children, and advocacy against armed conflict and the arms trade and its effects on mothers and children. director AT