Lancet GH: Expanding long-acting contraceptive options in Nigeria and Zambia (2)

8 September, 2021

Here is a Comment on the paper that I forwarded a few minutes ago:

CITATION: Empowering women through expanded contraceptive access in Nigeria and Zambia

Published online: August 30, 2021

Funmilola M OlaOlorun, John Casterline

The Lancet Global Health


Brunie and colleagues documented high client satisfaction and high 12-month continuation rates among a prospective cohort of women who obtained a long-acting reversible contraceptive method (ie, hormonal intrauterine device, copper intrauterine device, or implant) from the private sector in Nigeria and the public sector in Zambia.,,

High satisfaction with the hormonal intrauterine device is valuable evidence for those who aspire to introduce and scale up this contraceptive method in LMICs...

The scale-up efforts should be designed to overcome potential barriers to the use of intrauterine devices. These barriers include the intrusiveness of a pelvic examination, the longer time and greater skills required to insert the device, the perception that intrauterine devices might not be as effective as other contraceptive options, and the misconceptions about this contraceptive method.6 Misconceptions are likely to differ by context, but anecdotal reports suggest that many health-care providers in Nigeria would not be willing to provide an intrauterine device to a nulliparous woman because of the incorrect belief of substantially increased risk of infertility...

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, HIFA Coordinator,