Lancet Global Health: Understanding lung health beliefs in low-resource settings (3)

21 December, 2021

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As one of the authors [], I can say that this was part of FRESH AIR, an EU funded programme that IPCRG bid for and continues to disseminate. See far more here: The new paper will be there soon!

Yes, many people including clinicians and the public in low, middle and vulnerable groups in high income countries are not aware of everything that assaults their lungs and what impact it might have. Nor is there sufficient access to effective interventions ranging from helping people quit tobacco, improved ventilation and cleaner fuels, to rehabilitation programmes and access to affordable inhalers and devices. IPCRG has been involved in many programmes with primary care to raise awareness. See for example the latest infographics from Breathe Well: And the many papers emerging from all the Global Health Respiratory Network showing how and who to engage.

We are also working on a film on how we breathe and why we get breathless and will share it with you when it's ready. Here's a trailer:

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