The Lancet Planetary Health: The burden of knowledge (2)

12 June, 2024

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Dear Neil

Knowledge does not transform automatically into action.

There is a simple rule: "Do what you preach."

I have tried to promote health with academic publications. They are drowned in the ocean of intelectual debate.

I stopped appealing to politics and to tell others what they should do.

I implement in daily life whatever is feasible for me, my family and neighbourhood towards better health of humans and the planet.

It can mean consume less, produce less waste, use renewable energies, communicate in a non-violent way. There are so many possibilities to change the personal and immediate environment.

A multitude of drops will become a wave.

Best greetings from Switzerland

HIFA profile: Felix Küchler, medical doctor, retired, Master in Health Promotion from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Primary Health Care implementation in Chad and Benin, Educational programme for Natural Family Planning in Benin ("Desired Motherhood"), 15 years doing permaculture in Switzerland.

Felix Küchler, MD, MSc Health Promotion

Torrentstrasse 128, CH 3955 Albinen

+41 79 752 41 10 (SMS please) Benin: +229 60 75 39 60


1984-1991 Primary Health Care, Chad and Benin: Training Village Health Workers

1993-1998 Course Coordinator, Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute, Basel

1999-2004 Co-Director at 'Health Promotion Switzerland'

since 2010 developing training program for natural fertility regulation in rural areas of The Gambia, Benin and Niger.


1980 Medical Doctor, Zurich, Switzerland

1987 Diploma 'Teaching Primary Health Care', Liverpool School Tropical Medicine

1993 MSc Health Promotion, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Felix A. Kuechler is a medical doctor and health promotion expert based in Switzerland. He is director of Desired Motherhood, which promotes natural fertility regulation.