The Lancet Planetary Health: The burden of knowledge (3)

12 June, 2024

Dear Felix

"Knowledge does not transform automatically into action."

Indeed, but knowledge is a necessary prerequisite.

"There is a simple rule: "Do what you preach."... I implement in daily life whatever is feasible for me, my family and neighbourhood towards better health of humans and the planet. It can mean consume less, produce less waste, use renewable energies, communicate in a non-violent way. There are so many possibilities to change the personal and immediate environment."

You do these things because you have knowledge and understanding.

As WHO states: 'Raising awareness and thereby understanding of the effects of climate change on health will facilitate both behavioural change and societal support for the actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions...'

It's important that everyone is informed about the health impacts of climate change, presented in a way that is meaningful for them.

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