The Lancet: WHO's new vision for traditional medicine (6)

6 September, 2023

Just to share our recently published RCT ( using Chinese medicine to management diabetic kidney disease on top of conventional strategies. We used a stratified randomization method to both 1) address the emphasis of personalization concept of Chinese medicine, and 2) maintain the randomization, showing that add-on Chinese medicine in advanced diabetic patients:

1. reduced glomerular filtration rate decline by >50%

2. led to less hypoglycemia risk

3. led to reduced insulin resistance

4. likely acted through TNF signaling pathway

5. demonstrated consistent effect across different baseline therapies

6. did not induce extra adverse effect.

This is a key finding of an initiative started 8 years ago building on series of qualitative and pilot epidemiological studies. We were limited by resource and could only performed 2 small RCTs (n=148/118) but together with family medicine specialists, nephrologists, endocrinologists, we were able to show that Chinese medicine can offer additional benefits. And the formulation/herb we assessed have been used for thousands of years already.



HIFA profile: Chris is currently the Assistant Professor of the School of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong Baptist University ( He is the designer and coordinator of multiple clinical trials, cohorts and biobank. Chris has served for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Hospital Authority, World Health Organization and KPMG Advisory on clinical medicine, health administration, medical research and healthcare policy previously.