Meet Up at Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH)?

28 February, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

As the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) conference approaches next week in Los Angeles, USA, I wanted to reach out on several fronts.

Child Family Health International (CFHI) [ ], a non-profit UN-recognized leader in Global Health experiential education will have a team at the conference to connect with colleagues and share resources. We will have a table in the exhibition hall and be available for individual meetings. Some topics that we could discuss:

• Emerging approaches to supporting students with diverse identities and managing health/safety/wellness while students/faculty are abroad.

• In-person Global Health Experiential Education in CFHI's 10 partnering countries that focus on various themes including urban/rural health comparatives, public health infrastructure, maternal/child health, health systems strengthening, primary care, hospital-based medicine, community health workers/VHTs, and more.

• Virtual Global Health Education programs including internships, practicums, and electives.

• Faculty and Staff Development Workshop for university teams that are overseeing, improving, or starting global health experiences

• Updates in research and pedagogy of global health experiential education and partnerships

• Applying asset-based development principles and Fair-Trade Learning to global health programs and partnerships

Another exciting resource is the Pillars of Global Health modular course that universities are using for pre-departure training and coursework. Here is a video overview:

Please look for these team members at the conference, and reach out if you want to schedule a time to meet during the conference, or find us in the exhibition area (we are sharing a table with our partner AMSA, American Medical Student Association)

Joel Buenaventura MD MPH, CFHI Medical Director, Philippines (

Robin Young MBA, CFHI Executive Director (

Carolina Bolanos Palmieri MGH, CFHI Director of Programs (

Charles Chineme Nwobu MD MSc, CFHI Medical Director, Ghana (

Carlos Faerron Guzman MD MSc, CFHI Medical Director, Costa Rica (

Paolo Victor Medina MD, CFHI Associate Medical Director, Philippines (

Jessica Evert MD, CFHI Global Medical Director (


CFHI has a process for universities to partner with us to launch, expand, or improve global health experiential offerings. CFHI calls universities who partner with us "Academic Partners." We partner with undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate schools and departments. CFHI looks for value alignment and general fit when considering academic partnership applications. Any faculty or administrator can put in an application. Learn more on the application form linked below.



If you are not going to be at CUGH, but want to connect, please email me. [ ]

Best, Jess


Jessica Evert MD

Global Medical Director, Child Family Health International

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