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Menstruation (16)

1 November, 2022

Information break myths and empower the informed!

Girls and women go through unnecessary pains because of lack of information as regarding menstruation. All these would have been avoided if only they were informed of the physiology and normality of the period and taught to expect it and what to do when it comes

Continuing in making menstruation etc a taboo topic will only sustain the prevalence of if orange [?ignorance] and unnecessary suffering & stigmatisation amongst girls and women and no help from men and boys

The video shared graphically showed this [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fsxBSG1pTs&t=9s ]. I wept inside watching the ordeals of poor Luse.

Let's break this trend by open discussion, please.


Dr Sunday Yerumoh MBBS, MPH, MPA, FMCOG, FCIA

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HIFA profile: Sunday Yerumoh is the Medical Officer of Health and Director of Primary Health Care in the Etsako East Local Government, Nigeria. Professional interests: Primary health, Obstetrics & Gynaecological Care. yerumohsunday AT gmail.com