mHEALTH-INNOVATE (16) Introduction: Josephine Nabukenya, Uganda

14 April, 2022

My name is Josephine Nabukenya, a Professor of Information Systems and Health Informatics at Makerere University in Uganda. I am happy to be part of the HIFA group. I am a co-investigator on the mHEALTH-INNOVATE research project and very much interested in getting to know how health workers informally use mobile phones for their health work services.




Josephine Nabukenya (PhD)

Professor, Info Systems & Health Informatics

Chair, Health Informatics Research Group

Makerere University

P.O.Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda



"Today well lived makes tomorrow a vision of hope"

HIFA profile: Josephine Nabukenya is a Professor of Information Systems & Health Informatics, and former Dean of the School of Computing and Informatics Technology, Makerere University. She is the Founder and Chair of the Health Informatics Research Group . She is a member of the Uganda Health Information & Research (HIRE/eHealth) Technical Working Group, and Digital Health and Interoperability (DH&I) Working Group of Health Data Collaborative (HDC).