mHEALTH-INNOVATE (20) What can we learn from health workers' informal use of mobile phones? (11)

15 April, 2022

Good day Immaculate

Thank you for your detailed contribution. [ ]

You mention the following:

"Community health workers would also use the same channels to secure first line help, report reactions to medication (Family planning projects) and share weekly progress reports.

However, the challenge with this method was that many people do not know how to type using their phones. They resorted to audios and video recordings which created a challenge for data management. The channel was used for community systems strengthening in Lango Region."

I just want to find out how you dealt with issues of patient confidentiality in instances where visuals and videos had to be shared?

For the community health workers, was the use of mobile phones within a formal program? And if so, were there any guidelines that were used for the use of mobile phones?


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