Multi-stakeholder collaboration in Health Supply Chain Systems Strengthening

20 May, 2024

Dear HIFA Family,

We have just begun championing a multi-stakeholder colloboration drive with any willing association/organisation/individual to be part of initiatives to reposition Africa and the global South as the hub of pharmaceutical excellence in the world.

We have already hit the ground running. Perfection will come as we roll out these initiatives.

Kindly get in touch through my inbox on how we can drive this colloboration forward.

Let's run with this colloboration and also connect on platforms like LinkedIn as we our social capital. Below is my link let us connect and ideate in our quest to secure and strengthen our health and humanitarian supply chain up to the point of delivery, inspection, receiving, storage and dispensing of medicines at at the last mile.

Kind regards

Wilson Chandomba


Championing multi-stakeholder collaboration

HIFA Profile: Wilson Chandomba is a Managing Consultant and Volunteer Training Coordinator at CMCOMMS and IAPHL, Zimbabwe Chapter. Interests: Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Quality Assurance, Health Supply Chain, Good Storage and Distribution Practices. Wilson Chandomba