Multilingualism and global health (2)

15 May, 2019

It is true that knowing language or monolingual is being handicapped in language or verbal or written communication. It is common knowledge that these days many people are bilingual, but most importantly it more beneficial to be multilingual especially to be proficient intelligibly in any of the international languages like English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese etc. This will help researchers to collaborate effectively on any topic or subject. As a student of linguistics in African languages, I support the idea that scientific papers will be written and analised efficiently and effectively and widely distributed for as public good to solve problems being faced by humanity.

HIFA Profile: Kenneth L Chanda is Associate Consultant and Lecturer at National Institute of Public Administration where he is lecturing in Records Management. He is co-author of The development of telehealth as a strategy to improve health care services in Zambia. Kenneth L. Chanda & Jean G. Shaw. Health Information & Libraries Journal. Volume 27, Issue 2, pages 133139, June 2010. He recently retired as Assistant Medical Librarian at the University of Zambia. Masters degree in Development for Commication, patient advocate.

Email: klchanda AT