Neonatal saturation monitors

5 August, 2022

I would apriciate an advice for the reccomanded sat monitor and probes for babies on Diamedica.

We have Massimo , and multiple use sat probes but have problems with costs and cont supply.

We are Corunna go to MBUs in Kumasi Ghana



CHIFA profile: Agneta Golan is the Head of the neonatal unit in Soroka University Medical Center, Beer Sheva, Israel. In the context of international health she has two areas of activities: 1. Since 2007 she is involved in a project aiming to improve neonatal care and to reduce neonatal mortality in Kumasi Ghana. This project is supported by the Government of Israel and is in collaboration with MCI. Two neonatal units based on Kangoroo Mothercare were built and equipped by Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) in two community based hospitals in Kumasi. Together with 3 other colleagues from her unit she is involved in training basic neonatal care of nurses and doctors using low cost and simple methods. In this project a professional team from Kumasi is also involved and the program evolves as a collaboration. Part of the training is in Kumasi and part in our neonatal unit in Beer Sheva. 2. Her second activity is teaching in the Medical School of International Health in Beer Sheva. Her main areas of teaching and research includes training medical students in pediatric health issues from a global perspective. She is also the academic coordinator of a Cross Cultural workshop dealing with cultural sensitivity and cultural competency of medical students. agneta.golan AT