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11 November, 2021

Dear Neil and members,

Interesting questions! [ https://www.hifa.org/dgroups-rss/new-hifa-thematic-discussion-maintainin... ]

From the NetherLands it is hardly possible to answer that.

As secretary to two Dutch Foundations I can only say:

- The West was not fair in sharing their vaccines and knowledge to prevent further spread of the Covid virus for Zambia. The Europeen Union promised a lot but did little so far via WHO or their Covax programm.

- Both foundations tried their best to help their friends in Zambians (sending money to purchase protection materials) but due to travel restrictions board members could not visit them personally. Being on the spot is much better to continue the relation. Contact via Skype was possible but a poor substitute.

- I learned from the manager of a big hospital that due to admitted patients with Covid-19, women treated for VVF, were spread all over the hospital as the gyn ward was a Covid ward at that time. The worn out nurses with knowledge how to care for those women had to go around to all wards.

Kind regards,

Arlet Splint

HIFA-Zambia profile: Arlet Splint is Secretary of Platform Zambia, a group of Dutch Foundations, all working for Zambian citizens, spread all over the country. All board members are board member of their "own" foundation but saw it is possible to help each other (sharing knowledge, sharing space in a container etc) if we join via internet and Zambia-days. The last day the Zambian ambassador for the Benelux came from Brussels. There are Foundations working for a school, for an orphanage, for a hospital etc. We show stories and sometimes even a vacancy on our website: www.platformzambia.nl pasplint AT hetnet.nl