New MSc in Evidence-Based Future Healthcare in partnership with Cochrane Ireland

23 April, 2024

Hi there,

I just wanted to let people know about a new CPD opportunity we have established in the University of Galway in Ireland, and an official training offering of Cochrane Ireland and Evidence Synthesis Ireland. It’s a fully online MSc in Evidence-Based Future Healthcare developed for anyone working in healthcare, in any area, level or setting. Please see information below – happy to chat with anyone interested.

The MSc in Evidence-Based Future Healthcare at the University of Galway [ ] is an exciting new fully online interprofessional postgraduate course designed for people working in all aspects of healthcare (eg clinical, research, administration or policy) seeking to transform their current practice, optimise healthcare outcomes and advance their careers in a rapidly evolving field. Our future-facing programme aims to equip people working in healthcare from all backgrounds with the skills and knowledge to tackle current and emerging healthcare challenges by utilising cutting-edge approaches to evidence identification, appraisal, and patient-centred implementation.

What makes this course different?

• A flexible and responsive learning approach – Our flexible online learning approach means learning at a time and place that suits you. The course is fully online with content that students can access in their own time, supported by live online tutorials with dedicated and experienced lecturers to help people balance work, life and study. We use cutting-edge technology and the latest advances in curriculum development to maximise an engaging and interactive learning experience.

• A focus on applied and pragmatic learning - Each module and assessment is highly applied to real-world settings and targets the development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills and interprofessional evidence-based practice. For example, rather than teaching you how to do statistics, we teach you how to find, understand and apply statistics to your everyday work. In place of a traditional thesis, we have an applied capstone project where students work in interdisciplinary groups to develop innovative solutions to real-life implementation challenges. Individuals then take the proposed solution and develop a deliverable output relevant to their own workplace.

• Truly interprofessional and interdisciplinary – The programme has been developed and designed by an interprofessional team of clinicians and academics, and each module has a strong focus on collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork to replicate real-life integrated healthcare settings. We welcome national and international applicants from diverse backgrounds.

• High quality product – The programme will be delivered by experts in evidence-based healthcare from the University of Galway, with guest contributions from international experts. This programme is also closely linked with the internationally-recognised centres of excellence of Evidence Synthesis Ireland, Cochrane Ireland and the HRB Trials Methodology Research Network.

Applications are now open for Sept 2024! For further information contact or sign up for our mailing list

Dr Elaine Toomey (she, her)

Lecturer in Evidence Based Healthcare

Programme Co-Director of the new MSc in Evidence-Based Healthcare – NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!

Health Research Board ‘Applying Research into Policy and Practice’ Fellow

School of Nursing and Midwifery/Centre for Health Research Methodology

Twitter @elainetoomey1

University of Galway profile:

HIFA profile: Elaine Toomey is a Lecturer a the University of Galway, in Ireland. Professional interests: Evidence based healthcare; Implementation science; Behavioural science; Health research methodology, and Knowledge translation. Email: elaine.toomey AT